Dr. Stephen Giblin from e-SI-Amp partner NPL was awarded the best paper award at the NCSLI workshop and symposium (August 2017, Maryland, USA).  NCSL International (NCSLI) (from the founding name “National Conference of Standards Laboratories”) is a global, non-profit organization whose membership is open to any organization with an interest in metrology (the science of measurement) and its application in research,… Read More

e-SI-Amp partner VTT (Finland), PTB (Germany) and e-SI-Amp stakeholder Tampere University of Technology (TUT, Finland) have been improving the measurement techniques and traceability of small electric currents in the Single Charge Aerosol Reference (SCAR) located at TUT. Aerosol particles may play an important role in global climate change. Fine and ultrafine particles have also found… Read More

A growing range of medical treatments and diagnostic procedures use radioactive sources. The strength of these sources is often measured using ionisation chambers whose output is an electrical current in the range from picoamperes (10-12 A) to microamperes (10-6 A). Robust, traceable calibration of the electrical current readout is vital for validating the stability and… Read More

Scientists at e-SI-Amp partner Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) have developed a stable current amplifier for the sub-picoampere measurement range. The low noise and stability makes direct current measurements with uncertainties of less than 10 attoamperes (10-18 A) readily achievable. The “ultrastable low-noise current amplifier” (ULCA) enables traceable measurement and generation of small currents with uncertainties down… Read More

KRISS and NPL have demonstrated robust operation of a gallium arsenide tunable-barrier single-electron pump operating with 1 part-per-million accuracy at a temperature of 1.3 K and a pumping frequency of 500 MHz. NPL and KRISS scientists showed that the current from a gallium arsenide electron pump was still accurately quantised at the level of 1… Read More

The kick-off meeting for the EMPIR e-SI-Amp project was held at NPL on 27-28 June 2016. A total of 21 representatives from partner institutes and collaborators attended the meeting. Among the key issues discussed were: The fabrication of new types of single-electron devices Technology enable exchange of devices between participant laboratories Exploitation strategy for high-accuracy low-current measurement schemes… Read More

The kick-off meeting for the e-SI-Amp project will be held at NPL on 27th – 28th June, 2016. Representatives from all partners involved in the project (NPL, PTB, VTT, Aalto, CEA, UCAM, KRISS, UoS, COMPLETE LIST) will be present.… Read More