_The SI ampere is expected to be redefined, away from a definition based on mechanical forces, to a definition based on the fundamental charge. We aim to support future primary electrical metrology based on single-electron devices. Our objectives are:

  • To develop single-electron-based current sources reaching a current level of ≈1 nA with an uncertainty at, or below, 1 part in 107.esiamp_keycomponents
  • To test the universality, robustness and reproducibility of single-electron-based current sources for the practical realisation of the new SI ampere.
  • To implement high-accuracy current measurement capability across NMIs, suitable for the testing of various types of single-electron devices.
  • To develop guidelines for testing the accuracy of single-electron-based current standards.
  • To facilitate the take up of the technology and measurement infrastructure developed by the project by the measurement supply chain (accredited laboratories, instrumentation manufacturers) and end users (industries where small-current measurements at pico-ampere and femto-ampere levels are required).

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