The aim of this workpackage is to develop and improve high-accuracy current measurement set-ups at several partner institutes, thus improving the traceability in the field of small and intermediate currents across a wider group of institutes participating in the project. The work will also induce improvements in the field of high-value resistor calibrations.ULA1

This technology includes:

  • Ultra-stable low-noise current amplifier (ULCA)-based small-current techniques for implementing high-accuracy current measurement capabilities across partner institutes – target uncertainty 0.05 parts per million before and after transportation.
  • A programmable quantum current generator (PQCG) for traceable current generation in the intermediate current range from 1 μA up to 10 mA – relative uncertainties of order of 0.01 parts per million.
  • Portable capacitor-based ultra-low DC current sources (ULCS) setup capable of providing traceable currents in the low-current range from 1 fA to 100 pA with a resolution of 1 fA.

We are keen to demonstrate these capabilities to users of calibrated current meters/sources, as well as those with high value resistance calibration reuirements.