LNE, Paris

The final project meeting for e-SI-Amp at the headquarters of Laboratoire national de métrologie et d’essais (LNE) Paris, March 2019.

This meeting (28/29 March) gave e-SI-Amp partners an opportunity to discuss in detail the most recent results of research activities and of the overall progress made towards our goals of establishing enhanced small current measurement systemstraceable current sources and quantum current sources. This was an opportunity, both to gather together materials for reporting, and to celebrate the successes of the various project components. Our project work has covered a wide range of techniques at a range of current levels including:-

Partners also reviewed the interactions with stakeholders and other end-users of small current technology, which includes

While the production of the final publishable project report is underway, the project has already produced many publications on these subjects, listed in Outputs page. These are available to the public to read as either open access publications or via the pre-print server that holds pre-publication copies.

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